The Influence of Brand Name and Desire Attributes of Nokia Cellphones in Consumers Buying Decision

Topics: Brand, Mobile phone, Brand management Pages: 36 (11872 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Name is the foundation of the brand. A company’s certain brand. Once in the market, brand name will greatly determine its position in the fight for consumer. It can distinguish the product in a competitive position when its brand name has favourable associations which customers are looking for, or can be positioned in the lower rank when it has negative associations and impressions. Some brands are usually unknown to the customers in the market place while on the other hand some brands show very high degree of awareness. The brands of high awareness have high level of acceptability with customers do not refuse to buy such that as they enjoy the brand performance. Companies are recognizing through their brand and it is the most valuable assets for survival. Customers have many brand choices but they have less time to make a choice. The brands speciality helps the customer in decision making to purchase a right product with less risk and according to set expectation. Brand names are also a promise to customers by maintaining and enhancing the strength over time. It also represent the customers perceptions and opinion about performance of the product. The powerful branch is which decide the mind of the consumer. Its differ the amount of power and worth they have in the market place and most of the customer prefer to buy a branded product because they know this product has been developed by maintaining the protocols, like health and environmental prospective.

Due to the high involvement of brand name in the consumers buying decision as to what product are going to purchase, some of the issues have been formulated to determine if brand name really influences the buying decision of the consumers rather than the desired attributes of the product, or the desired attributes of the product such as the price, quality, features, and useful life are still the number one factor that consumers are looking first before buying rather than its brand name. Through these issues the research is dealing, companies will determine which of these are the most important thing that customers consider first in buying for them to be able to know which of it must put more attention as well as marketing efforts, for them to find out the customers decision process and pin point the criteria which customers apply while making decisions such as how brand names influence the customers purchase decision and why customers purchase a particular brand also implies how customer decide what to buy.

The researchers chose NOKIA brand because based to their own perception, it was being used by most of the consumers around the globe and according to the data they gathered from www. The top, NOKIA is the number one and leading brand of cell phone. Because of these facts, the researchers focus their study on the product that is easy to obtain information, less time to consume in modifying the background of the chosen brand because it was already a well-known brand name. And also, nowadays, cell phone are considered as one of the basic necessity in a person’s life and the number of the users are continue to grow and because of this, the researchers were curious as to what cell phone brand they are using and wants to know if how these users come up and are influenced by their preferred cell phone. To fully understand how powerful brand name is in the consumers buying decision, the case of Nokia brand has been chosen to really show that brand name is influential. Brand Attributes portray a company’s brand characteristics. They signify the basic nature of brand. Brand attributes are a bundle of features that highlight the physical and personality aspects of the brand. People seek products that have attributes that will solve their problems and fulfil their needs, Understanding why a consumer choose a product based upon its attributes helps marketers to understand why...
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