The Influence of Art

Topics: Andy Warhol, Art, Jean-Michel Basquiat Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Henley Ridore
English 1102

Art That Influenced Me
Growing up I've always had an interest in art. Out of the six children my mother had I was the only one that had a serious interest in art of all nature. Growing up, I wasn’t as social as the rest of my brothers and sisters, I was able to express my emotions through painting. Throughout my years in school I always made sure I was in some sort of art class for every grade level. I high school I was recognized as being the most unique in my grade level. I'm not saying that I am a very talented person when in came to drawing, but through my words and interpretations of the pieces of art I created I was able to make myself known though the art department in high school. In art classes we were taught that art has a sort of structure and rule to how you use color.

Throughout my years in school these rules were not a guideline for me but more a restriction. One day I was looking through an art magazine and came across an art piece made by a famous Haitian artist named Jean-Michel Basquiat. I didn’t know who he was but the fact that he was Haitian and his artwork was different I decided to find out more about him. I soon found out that there is a movie based on his life. In the movie in describes how he was homeless and was a striving artist. He was commonly known for his crown signature. His artwork was criticized and humiliated by local art dealers. After a while he stumbled across a famous artist named Andy Warhol, after showing Andy his works Andy grew a great interest in Jean-Michel. Soon his artworks became tremendously famous, the fact that he died at a very young age, his art is now worth a tremendous amount of money. His artwork influenced me because he didn’t follow the rules of art he painted whatever he felt and expressed his word through each of his paintings.

Through him I realized that anything I can create is art, no one can tell me that my art work isn't relevant .
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