The Indispensatility of Marketing in Enterpreneurship Development

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Entrepreneurship Development and Small Scale Industries
Course Objectives: To understand the basics of managing a business and create interest among students for starting their own business.
Entrepreneur : Meaning of entrepreneur; Evolution of the concept; Functions of the entrepreneur; types of entrepreneur; concept of entrepreneurship-evolution of entrepreneurship; The entrepreneurial culture; stages in entrepreneurial process; Role of entrepreneurship in economic development.- relation between entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, and enterprise. Entrepreneurial development :Entrepreneurial Development Models-a) Psychological Models b) Sociological Models, c) Integrated Models. Environmental and attitudinal factors influencing entrepreneurship. Creativity and Innovation: creativity, sources of new idea, ideas into opportunities. Innovation and entrepreneurship: profits and innovation, why innovate, what to innovate, who innovated. Corporate entrepreneurship-concepts, needs, strategies. Corporate practices.

Creating entrepreneurial venture: Meaning of business plan, environmental analysis –search and scanning .business plan process-marketing plan, production/operations plan, financial plan. Final project report with feasibility study.

Entrepreneurship Development and Government : Role of Central Government and State Government in promoting Entrepreneurship - Introduction to various incentives, subsidies and grants - Export Oriented Units - Fiscal and Tax concessions available .Role of following agencies in the Entrepreneurship Development - District Industries Centers (DIC), Small Industries Service Institute (SISI), Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), National Institute of Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development (NIESBUD), National Entrepreneurship Development Board (NEDB)

Launching & Management of Small Business: Finance and Human Resource Mobilization Operations Planning - Market and Channel Selection - Growth Strategies - Product Launching. Monitoring and Evaluation of Business - Preventing Sickness and Rehabilitation of Business Units. Effective Management of small Business. Family business: importance, types, history, responsibilities and rights of shareholders of a family business. Informal risk and capital venture capital: informal risk capital market, venture capital, nature an overview, venture capital process, locating venture capitalist, approaching venture capitalist. Managing growth using external parties, franchising, advantages, and limitations, acquisitions and mergers.

Case studies of Successful Entrepreneurial Ventures, Failed Entrepreneurial Ventures and Turnaround Ventures
1. Hisrich, ‘Entrepreneurship’, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 2001. 2. .P. Saravanavel, ‘Entrepreneurial Development’, Ess Pee kay Publishing House, Chennai -1997. 3. S.S.Khanka, ‘Entrepreneurial Development’, S.Chand and Company Limited, New Delhi, 2001. 4. Prasama Chandra, Projects – ‘Planning, Analysis, Selection, Implementation and Reviews’, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited 1996.

5. P.C.Jain (ed.), ‘Handbook for New Entrepreneurs’, EDII, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 1999.
6. Madhurima Lall ,shikha sahai, Entrepreneurship,Excel Books,2006. 7. Vasant Desai,Entrepreneurship-priciples and practices,7 th edition 2007,Thomson publications. RURAL MARKETING
Course Objectives: To develop understanding of the rural market in India, its typicality against the Urban Market and application of marketing concepts to rural marketing. Topics:
Introduction: Definition, scope of rural marketing, concepts, components of rural markets, classification of rural markets, rural vs. urban markets ,Rural marketing environment: How it is different, occupation ,, income , location , expenditure pattern, literacy level, , infrastructure facilities, rural credit institutions, rural areas requirement, problems in rural...
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