Marketing and Entry Mode

Topics: Marketing, Toyota, Internationalization Pages: 73 (19453 words) Published: November 7, 2010
“Internationalization Process of Toyota in Europe from the Perspectives of Entry Mode and Network Structure”

London School of Commerce (LSC)
University of Wales Institute of Cardiff (UWIC)
Student Name: Miss. Sajida Ramzan
Student ID: 0089kkvl0409
Course: BABS 6 (HONS)
Subject: Disertation
Lecturer: Dr. Gerald Pollio

Executive Summary

Problem, Purpose and Method

Decision-makers, like sailors, need to know how to ride out a potential storm and to understand how the winds may change in the future. (World Economic Forum 2009) In global automobile field, Toyota’s faced several problems in European market at the entrance and what entry mode did Toyota choose? Why did they select those entry modes? And how did they manage their internal and external network structure during the entry mode evolution process?

Research described and explained how Toyota Company found the European `market from the perspective of entry mode and network and also research intended to provide useful information to the companies that want to acquire experience before entering into the European market.

Research designs the dissertation a case study about the entry mode of Toyota in the European automobile market and also dig up in-depth understanding of the research problem, the qualitative research approach is chosen for this research. During the analysis part, all information is derived from books, articles, websites and related concern Toyota departments etc.

After the analysis process, Toyota developed in the European automobile market and after vigilant consideration about both internal and external factor, Toyota usually preferred to overcome a new automobile market with a relevant deep risk at entry mode, such as exporting, licensing and operational at the basic level. Then, with the increase of their experience in the automobile market as well as the growth of network, Toyota’s started to modify to a higher risk level entry mode, like joint venture or wholly owned subsidiaries. During the period of the evolution process, in order to provide an effective positive way of interaction between headquarters and subsidiaries, Toyota’s structure changed from time to time with the effective changes in the automobile market through entry mod and internal, external network structure.

During the complementation of this dissertation on internationalisation process of Toyota entry mode in the European market and the perspective internal external network structure. The researcher, appreciate and thankful to supervisor Dr. Gerald Pollio, whose contribution has been devoted, dedicated to educated the researcher knowledge of Business studies for this research as well as supervise all over the researching processes units until it is completed.

The researcher, thankful to all her colleagues whose contribution has a fruitful and valuable comments, the colleagues has enhanced and dynamic to researcher with the intensive understanding of the business studies on this research. After that researcher would like to thank the classmates at this research of Toyota internationalisation process, entry mode and network who have shared the significant experiences at the Studies. All the shared experiences were another factor to deepen and broaden the business knowledge for the researcher. Furthermore, researcher thankful to every lecturer whose contributed during the Bachelor Studies because I started my study after 10 year to leaving my athletics on World leaving after 126 medals and 4 records on national and international. Finally, Time spent with my respected lecturer on co-working, discussion and enjoying working experience assist for a better knowledge.

Table of Contents
Chapter no 1 Introduction (7) 1.1 Background Problem.........................................................................................7 1.2 Research Question...
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