The Importance of Visionary Leadership and Implications for Performance and Satisfaction

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The Importance of Visionary Leadership and Implications for Performance and Satisfaction

Newark Electronics, based in Chicago, IL, is the largest distributor of electronic components in North America. It is one of many subsidiaries of Premier Farnell Group (PFG), based in London, England. I work in the Purchasing Department as a electronic parts Buyer / Planner for Newark. Newark is the most policed subsidiary, and is constantly scrutinized on its organizational performance, and lately its management effectiveness. Having a new President every 2 years has become the norm. Employee morale at Newark has become so low that the PFG group decided to find out the reasoning behind it. An employee survey was administered by a professional services company. Poor visionary leadership and integrity / respect were two areas that the company scored lowest There have been several costly events held to highlight the importance of visionary leadership. Not only has this created a business expense, but employee productivity has been sacrificed by attending numerous events, and watching PFG videos created in-house that emphasize the seriousness of resolving the two issues. Becoming a High Performing Organization is the company’s ultimate goal. The following are the results of the company’s OCI profile. Newark has an aggressive / defensive culture, with the Primary style being Perfectionistic. The secondary style is Competitive, and the weakest style is Humanistic-Encouraging 2. This paper will focus on my team which consists of 4 Buyers, 1 Specialist, and 1 team leader. (In order to be considered a leader, one must hold a Supervisor level position or higher). Problem Statement

As a result of a re-organization in the Purchasing Dept., a new role of Lead Buyer has been created. Due to the ratio of Purchasing Managers to Buyer (2:25), lead buyers act as Supervisors and Managers. Since the re-organization, my team’s performance and satisfaction has suffered. We have the drive to succeed and are strong performers, and are known to be the” best” Buyers. We have what it takes to remain the best; however, poor leadership has caused a decrease in job satisfaction, and our performance is spiraling downward. Our leader is the most controversial employee in the Purchasing Department, and team members are embarrassed that she is our leader. None of us feel that we have anything in common with her resulting in low value congruence. She was promoted to team lead based on seniority, and for fear of a lawsuit, however she lacks leadership skills. Other leaders in the Purchasing department are visionary, and have good results. Team Members have become unsatisfied with the job. Absence has increased, and being late to work has become the norm. The problem of having a leader with no vision is a problem for everyone on my team, and ultimately a problem that will impact the company. Nobody in our group respects her, or values her opinion. In order for leaders to be successful, followers are needed. Follower satisfaction occurs when there is value congruence. 1. Several members of senior management in the company would like to fire her, but they understand that she is emotionally unstable, and would file a lawsuit. Before her leadership position, she was demoted several times, and constantly moved to different departments. This new leadership role was given to appease her. Managers should have strong interpersonal skills, and have to understand that they are responsible for making group decisions and not just their own. How can leadership without vision affect team performance and satisfaction? Through my research, I would like to study the concept of visionary leadership, and how it can produce positive results in the workplace. Literature Review

Research has shown that emotional intelligence impacts leadership. Leaders who had six or more emotional...
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