The Importance of Using Social Media in Business

Topics: Marketing, Sociology, Decision making Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: December 24, 2012
The use of social media in our society has increased greatly nowadays due to the implementation of innovative ideas and technological advancement. A while back when social media were a brand new tool of communication for the society, there were not so many participants interested in engaging their businesses with social media. The social media were considered to be a marketing strategy that could only be used by experts in the field of business. This view is still spread to some extent today. In contrast to this, social media is not being considered as new way to do marketing but it has been integrated as a marketing strategy in the conduction of businesses today. This is to the extent that the use of social media in businesses today is being considered to be an evolution rather than a revolution. Although the traditional marketing strategies such as referrals, advertizing and public relations are still of importance in the running of businesses today, social media are being used by almost every business as a part of its marketing fabric. The use of social media is prevalent in major businesses to the extent the extent that its incorporation in the business is being considered at a strategic level in the decision making process. As observed from the statistics in online competitiveness, the use of social media has skyrocketed and the growth being recorded on a daily basis is exponential. The most popular of these social sites are facebook and twitter. These social networks have approximately 2.5 billion visits in a month. These social networks record growth rates that are of the charts. Twitter recorded a growth rate of over 600 percent in the year 2009. Facebook in this same year observed a growth of 210 percent in the same year. Making judgment from these statistics, the use of social media in businesses as a marketing strategy is more efficient as a result of the great reach of social media. Hence as a result conduction of business throughout the world has...
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