The Importance of Self Confidence

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  • Published : August 16, 2008
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Self Confidence
Ajan Raghunathan

Self-confidence is the confidence one has in oneself, one’s knowledge, and one’s abilities. It is the confidence of the type: "I can do this". " I have the ability to do this". Self-confidence is the one thing that is much more important than many other abilities and traits. If you do not have self-confidence, what you do will never become fruitful at all. The fruits of what you do without self-confidence are lost. Genuine self-confidence is the forerunner of achievements. Self-confidence integrates the powers of mind and body and focuses them towards the goal. Only such a concentrated energy can reach the goal. Self-confidence is the first step to progress, development, achievement and success. Even if you have a lot of abilities and a lot of knowledge, if you do not have Self-confidence you cannot be a success. But, on the contrary, even if you have only average abilities and knowledge, if you have an unfailingly true self-confidence, chances are that you achieve what you want to. The successes and achievements in turn will strengthen your self-confidence further. People like, respect, believe and trust persons who are self-confident. It is natural that persons with good confidence are offered leadership and other office responsibilities of groups. More and more opportunities automatically come the way of the person with a good self-confidence. In short, success flows to those who have a genuine Self-confidence. Tips to improve your self-confidence

1.Improve your Self Esteem
2.Self Esteem depends on how one evaluates oneself, one’s abilities and achievements rather than the quality and quantity of these. By improving one’s self-acceptance, self-concept, and self-image, one can improve one's self-esteem. Unless one is not able to love oneself, like oneself respect and accept oneself as one is -- with all the defects one has -- it is not possible to have self-esteem. People do not accept one who does not accept...
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