The Importance of Military Campaigns in New Kingdom Egypt

Topics: Hatshepsut, Ahmose I, Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt Pages: 4 (1284 words) Published: June 9, 2012
Asses the importance of Egypt’s military campaigns in this period. Military campaigns contributed an important role in the New Kingdom period. After centuries of foreign rule the eighteenth dynasty was Egypt’s supremacy of success. New Kingdom period was the time where the Egyptians had re-establish to the world their power and superiority. This era was referred to as the ‘Golden Age’ as this was a stable and powerful time to be living in Egypt. Military campaigns where important during this period as this not only allowed the Egyptians to reclaim their land but also further extended their boundaries gaining superiority over neighbouring countries whilst expanding Egypt’s empire. Significant pharaohs have developed effective campaigns which have shaped New Kingdom Egypt’s triumph influencing all aspects of life in Egypt. Ahmose the successor of Seqenenre was the pharaoh who liberated Egypt from the foreign rule of the Hyksos restoring unity and peace throughout the country. The Warrior Pharaoh amongst other roles and authorities was not all that Ahmose’s role as a pharaoh had developed into. All aspects of everyday life in Egypt have been changed and altered since Egypt’s liberation. Ahmose conducted a series of campaigns in Palestine, Nubia, Syria and sailed south through to Khent-hen-nefer in Asia. The campaign to Avaris was interrupted by an urgent rebellion in Upper Egypt at the time. A movement in Southern Palestine that took 6 years signified a warning to Palestine and Syria that an emerging new power and battalion was developing in Egypt. Ahmose’s movements are justified through an inscription of Ahmose den-Nekhbet. According to an inscription of Ahmose den-Nekhbet following the Palestine campaign Ahmose continued to expel the Hysos further into Syria. This conveys that Ahmose was also able to further expand the country from Nubian’s management up to second cataract. An inscription from the Ahmose Son of Ebana’s biography states ‘Now when his majesty...
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