The Importance of Hr

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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Human resources management(HRM) is one of power to promote the development of enterprises,and also is the basic guarantee to maintain the sustainable development of enterprises. Over the past decade, the human resource management has proved its contribution to corporate performance under pressure (Stewart, 1996). Therefore, in this essay examines the reason why human resource management has become an important part in modern business organizations and I will prove the great influence and important position of human resource management in the enterprises through three models——a functional model, a strategic planning model and the multiple constituency model.


·The Functions of HRM
Human resource management is a system serving organizational strategy. It works usually following a few steps:“Strategic analysis → Job analysis → HR planning→ Recruiting→ Selection →Orientation → Performance appraisal → Rewarding → Training”. According to the enterprises’ position requirements, those steps above help HR select right and appropriate employees with some necessary training to promote the development of enterprises better (Gaynor, 2011).

Apart of this, HRM is not only a department providing appropriate people to the organization, but also a system managing the whole employees in the organization. Therefore, a human resource manager is the department, which has power to deal with cross-department employee relationships and various personnel transfer to coordinate organization operation (Gaynor, 2011). In order to encourage employee service for the company better, HRM is responsible for (Gaynor, 2011): ◎ Understanding employees’ needs and career goals as individuals ◎ Developing positive interactions with employees, to build a uniform enterprise culture ◎ Looking for employees' shortcomings such as lack of professional knowledge , and take prompt remedial measures timely ◎ Maintaining a fair environment for...
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