The Importance of Chemical to the Farmers in Barangay Quiazan Lopez, Batad, Iloilo

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The importance of chemical To the Farmers in Barangay Quiazan Lopez, Batad, Iloilo

In partial fulfillment of the requirement in Science and Technology IV

Presented to:
Ms. Cherrie Caseno

Presented by:
Palmlody Capistrano

Feb 22, 2013

Quiazan Lopez is a barangay of the Philippine municipality of Batad in the province Iloilo in Western Visayas which is part of the Visayas group of islands. Quiazan Lopez is one of the barangays which are in the outlying area of Municipality of Batad. The municipality Batad with a population of about 18,298 and its 24 barangays belong to the partly urban areas in the Philippines. While some of the barangays developed modern urban structures, some others, especially those which are seated in the outlying areas, remained rural. In that outlying area in Batad, Quiazan Lopez is included for its old way of living and not that modernize as well. They had a low population and farming is the main source of income. Almost of the residents there is much concern on farming and as well as that they wanted what the best for their crops. The main crops there are rice, corn, vegetables and different kinds of root crops. The farming is the oldest way of living of the people in the provinces. And farming is growing crops or keeping animals by people for food and raw materials, the one who take good care of it is called a Farmer. The farmers usually sow rice, corn and root corps in their field while the others are breeding animals of different kind. Mostly of the farmers there are using inorganic substance in their crops. Such as chemicals, which is chemicals are crop protection products or agents used to control plants or weeds, diseases, insects or animals that are undesirable or harmful to man, and/or also to promote the growth and development of crops.

As time goes by the way of farming also change, from its simplest way of farming through such a modernize farming nowadays. Many investors develop modern equipments and inorganic substances for farming. Inorganic way of farming is with the use of chemicals and pesticide in their farm.

The cultivation of these crops and vegetables is also accompanied by the application of chemicals. Farmers on are increasingly relying on inorganic agriculture mainly because, the soils are poor, and indigenous crop varieties have almost been replaced by improved high yielding varieties which are heavy nutrient miners. Most of the crops cultivated are short duration crops, among which are vegetables that are most frequently grown in season when farming is limited to few areas surrounding water bodies. The crops are also quite susceptible to many insect species, which may not only feed but also reproduce on them. So the farmer seems to have no choice but to treat crops and protect them against insect species and diseases using chemicals.

Chemical fertilizer, inorganic fertilizers supply nutrients to soil in different ways work much more quickly and inorganic fertilizers supplement the soil and feed plants with nutrients. Inorganic fertilizers contain a higher percentage of nutrients and provide them more quickly than organic fertilizers. This is a benefit for plants with a short life span, such as bedding plants, but the concentrated form increases the risk of burning the plant if applied incorrectly, and the quick-release of nutrients may result in soil leaching. When available, fertilizer use is not overly labor intensive, thus allowing time for other tasks (or for earning income elsewhere).

When the famers are using chemical it work immediately because inorganic fertilizers are usually given as a “rescue treatment” to plants that are malnourished, unhealthy or even dying. Inorganic fertilizers are appropriate in this situation because the nutrients needed by the plants are readily available. In comparison, using an organic fertilizer would mean that the plant has to wait until the components of the organic...
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