Effects of Pesticide Case Study

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Effects of Pesticide Case Study

The Bago City is the rice granary of Negros Occidental. The farmers of Bago City are struggling because of the pest. They have decreased their production of rice because of the pest. Our goal of engaging this case study is to analyze and see the effect of the pesticide to the crops. We are to seek good and bad effects of these pesticides. We’re going to focus only on finding the effects of these pesticides so we can come up with a good report. By observing and surveying, where going to come up with a finding to know the possible effects of pesticide.


Regulation of Pesticides
Pesticides are tested and approved for use by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which establishes "tolerances," or maximum residue levels, that limit the amount of a given pesticide that can safely remain in or on a food. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is then responsible for monitoring pesticide levels on fruits and vegetables, while the Department of Agriculture (USDA) is charged with the task of surveying pesticide residues in meat, eggs and dairy products.  Many believe that the EPA's methods for testing pesticides are insufficient because they only examine the effects of exposure to pesticides at high doses. Without conducting research concerning long-term exposure to low doses of pesticides, these studies neglect to base safety levels on real-life situations. Moreover, the tests examine the effects of a single chemical, whereas people are typically contaminated with small amounts of hundreds of pesticides at any one time. The FDA is also criticized for its inadequate monitoring of pesticide levels on fruits and vegetables.

Effect on plants
Nitrogen fixation, which is required for the growth of higher plants, is hindered by pesticides in soil. The insecticides DDT, methyl parathion, and especially pentachlorophenol have been shown to interfere with legume-rhizobium chemical signaling. Reduction of...
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