The Impact of Port in the Logistics

Topics: Logistics, Containerization, Supply chain management Pages: 7 (2227 words) Published: May 15, 2013
The impact of Port in logistics
Modern logistics is a new growth point of the 21st century the world economy, known as "the third profit source". Along with competitive increasingly in the global market, the enterprise management become more crucially even brings the attention from government today. Logistics control ability tends to reflect the core competitiveness of a region. Logistics control can control the market. Ports are not only the joint between hub and foreign exchange window as the previous period, their importance in the promotion of international trade and regional economic status and role in the development of the more obvious. Port in the entire logistics system plays the role of a phase change is no longer the goods surface, but also the whole supply chain of goods an indispensable important one annulus. Port's influence on the formation of logistics center and information center will be different from other industry services, dissociation and will pay for the goods, the carrier, the consignee, the agent such as pooled into a comprehensive logistics information service network.

Ports are the important foundation of the national economy, and the hub is the important node and logistics intersection. Through various materials transport loading and unloading of products constantly, make the producers to get raw material, make consumers get goods, formed the important support of logistics system. The port logistics industry to regional economic development, urbanization and the impact of the stability and prosperity of the whole national economy more and more recognized by people. In the international economic, trade and transport has not yet been integrated era, isolated from the rest of production and trade is considered two factors, while transportation is divided into many processes. Therefore, port is only to perform its traditional loading and discharging function, and free from the production, trade and transportation. With the development of logistics management theory and practice, from ocean transportation to integrated logistics, from the development of modern science and technology to the global economic integration accelerate, international shipping industry into the era of containerization and to develop in the direction of multimodal transport and logistics. Logistics management technology level of development, as well as the owner of the goods, on time and the safety of the transport of goods economy, improvement of service quality, international liner shipping became aware of maritime transport and road logistics each link of the system reliability, liner company scale expands unceasingly, the service extends continuously, gradually in the direction of the group, a diversified global carrier development, the development of economic trade and shipping make modern port increasingly become the nerve center in the global transportation system, its function also gradually from the sea and land transfer development become international trade promote economic development and service of integrated logistics center. Modern port is become a catalyst for the economic and trade development, its on the surrounding areas and hinterland has great commercial radiation function, promote regional economic and trade development. International trade and integrated transport chain from raw material production, after many intermediate products link, to form products, till the end of the end user. Along the chain of goods movement, constantly changing its shape, to rationalize all the activities on the chain, the cost of the province must adopt comprehensive transportation management methods. Port in a comprehensive transportation network node, is important one annulus, restricting the development of modern logistics to modern logistics system is very important and strategic role.

The development of modern transport technology and operating conditions for port puts forward new requirements 1. the...
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