The Impact of Information Technology on Hr Management: Opportunities and Challenges

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The Impact of Information Technology on HR Management: Opportunities and Challenges


Information technology is advancing at an alarming rate across different fields and practices. One major area of concern is how information technology is developing in the HR management practice. Based on the works of Ball (2005), technology in the human resource management, IT has been very important in all the practices. In fact, it is realized that the development of technology has advanced a great revolution and change in the HR management field. Basically, there are opportunities and challenges that come along with the advancing technologies in the HR management practice. These are the main points of concern in this essay, which will be outlined and discussed as based on what previous scholars have presented. The essay looks into how IT has had an impact on HR management practices including recruitment and job placement, communication, job flexibility, problem-solving, and multitasking among other major practices.

Impact of IT on Recruitment

As Broderick and Boudreau (2001) observed, Information Technology is a platform for the management of recruitment practices in major organizations. Martin et al. (2005) further noted that the recruitment practice is important because it includes the outsourcing of the right manpower in the labor force. In such a context, organizations have found the solution to effective recruitment practice in introducing advanced information technology. David (2006) highlighted in his works that in most organizations, there is need to recruit manpower beyond the borders. In this case, exploiting the global market to get the right labor force is critical. Therefore, IT has been adequate in introducing and using a system that can easily facilitate the activity. A case example is where organizations have been required to advertise various positions and reach out to different professionals with the required skills globally. Four decades ago, such an activity was a major challenge as organizations could not be able to reach a global population following the high dependence on print media. In the modern context, Ball (2005) observed that with the use of the Internet, companies have been able to develop websites from which they advertise the positions available and receive applications from all over the globe. It is with such a context that Martin et al. (2005) observed that IT development has provided the organizations with a huge opportunity to outsource for labor.

Impact of IT on Selection

Beyond the recruitment practice, Broderick and Boudreau (2001) also highlighted that organizations are also able to conduct interviews and assess the qualifications of a potential recruit online, without having to meet them physically. Broderick and Boudreau (2001) observed that there are tools available in advanced IT systems that organizations can use to gauge employees’ personalities, and test their skills with respect to the available job opportunity. Therefore, with such tools, organizations are able to narrow down the interviewing exercise to a few people, who can then be easily vetted physically. It is an opportunity that eases the selection process and at the same time, delivers effectiveness in selecting the right candidates for the job. However, it is also worth noting that IT has presented the challenge of physical contacts between the managers of an organization and the potential employees (Ball, 2005). This might also result to a selection of less qualified individuals who might be highly qualified in the theoretical aspects and knowledge but lack the practical aspect of the work. In fact, Ball (2005) observed that online recruitment does not give a chance for the selection panels to identify talents among individuals, which might also have a positive impact on the productivity of the organization.

Impact of IT on Training and Development...
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