The Impact of Hurricane, Earthquake and Volcanoes on Named Caribbean Territories

Topics: Haiti, Dominican Republic, Caribbean Pages: 5 (1680 words) Published: April 30, 2013

The Impact of Hurricane, Earthquake and volcanoes on named Caribbean territories.

The Caribbean territories are at the mercy of hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes. The region have a history of devastating geographical phenomena such as hurricane Gilbert in 1988 which kill 45 persons in Jamaica, 30 in Haiti and 5 in the Dominican republic, but the most devastating period for any one country in territories was in 2008, where in a three week span Haiti was hit by tropical storm Fay, hurricane Gustav, Hanna and Ike. According to CMC article on (2009 January 3). The Jamaica observer ‘’entitled “effect of 2008 will linger long in Haiti, say world bank” suggested that as a result of the hurricanes there were damages to the agricultural sector, and the public and private infrastructure, including roads ,brides, water and sanitation system, hospital and housing . The article further states that the aggregated damage and losses is at nearly us $ 900 million or about 15 percent of Haiti’s gross domestic product. Earthquakes is another geographical phenomena which have also have an devastating effect in the region such the 1946 earthquake that hit the Dominican republic which produces a tsunami that killed 1600 people and the earthquake of January 2010 where the government of Haiti indentified 31,600 people dead another 300,000 is estimated to be injured and 1,000,000 homeless. Volcanoes have also played its roll in devastation of the region. In July 1995, Montserrat’s Soufriere hill volcano erupted and covered the island’s capital Plymouth with over 12 ft of mud; destroy its airport and docking facilities and causing the southern end of the island to be inhabited and unsafe to travel. The social, economic impact and mitigating efforts against these three phenomena is the reason the Caribbean territories is so financial dependent on foreign aid.

The social impact of hurricane, earthquakes and volcanoes is experience by all Caribbean territories. But some territories find it harder to cope with these social impacts than other, one such territory that is finding harder to recover is Haiti. Haiti is regarded as the poorest in the region as a result their ability to response to needs of the people who is facing starvation is limited. This is evident in an article by Tran mark; (2012, November 12) UK which indicate that 450,000 people , including 4000 children under five is facing severe acute malnutrition this is a direct result of the pasting of hurricane sandy which destroy plantation of corn; bean, sorghum ,pigeon peas ,bananas ,tuber ,peanut ,vegetable ,rice and washed away over 64000 head of livestock. This type of lost will lead to food shortage in Haiti, as this is a territory that relies on agriculture to feed the nation. So with this vast destruction to the agriculture sector it’s inevitable that the people would face some level of starvation.

Another aspect of the social impact is the damage to infrastructures right across the region, from Jamaica, Cuba, Dominica republic and Haiti just to name a few. Out of all these countries mention Haiti always suffer the most damages. This is because the other countries have better developed infrastructure than Haiti. This is evident in the number of building that were destroyed in the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti which killed over 31,600 people., according to a special report by CBC news, ( 2012 January 5) “ Haiti earthquake “ which suggested that the 250.000 residences , 300,000 commercial building were destroyed , this was a result of “ woefully inadequate infrastructure ‘’ as a result many of these building collapsed trapping and killing over 100.000 people according to CNN. (2010, January 14) “Haiti appeals for aids; official fear 100,000 dead after earthquake’’ .this reinforce the point that if Haiti have better infrastructure the death and displacement of people who are now living in tents scattered all...
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