The Image of Harold Turgis in Angel Pavement

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The Image of Harold Turgis
Harold Turgis is one of the main characters of the novel "Angel Pavement" by J. B. Priestley. Harold worked for Twiggs and Dersingham, which dealt with a sale of veneers(фанера) and inlays. His position is described in the novel as Stanley's senior or Mr. Smeeth's junior clerk, which can be explained that he is not a bad worker, but not good enough either, he is somewhere in-between. And this fact doesn't let the reader feel drawn to him from the very beginning of the story. As far as his appearance is concerned, again no one could say that he was handsome but he was not ugly either. "He was in his early twenties, a thinnish, awkward young man, with a rather long neck, poor shoulders, and large clumsy hands and feet. He was obviously neither sick nor starved, yet something about his appearance, a total lack of colour and bloom ... His features were not good nor yet too bad. He had brown eyes that might have been called pretty if they had been set in a girl's face, a fairly large nose that should have been masterful but somehow was not; a small still babyish mouth, usually open, and prevailing several big and irregular teeth; and a dropping rather than retreating chin." All this made Harold Turgis rather unprepossessing to other people as well as to the reader. Mr. Smeeth portrayed Turgis as quite a good worker, but a little bit careless: "He does his best. He's a bit careless sometimes, I'll admit, and he's not to be trusted far with figures yet...." Harold was not lazy, he did everything what he was supposed to do, but at the same time he lacked enthusiasm for office work, moreover "he never regarded himself as one of the firm". Even when the company was busy again and everything was very well for it, Turgis didn't share everybody's joy, for him it meant only a great deal more work: "Turgis didn't see the fun of going hard at it all day and every day and frequently having to stay an hour later". In his everyday life Turgis was just...
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