The Human Brain Reflective Essay

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  • Published : September 17, 2011
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Yuri R.
The Human Brain
Christian Morality
Fr. Yost
The Human Brain Reflective Essay

I’ve realized some aspects of humanity that I have either failed to recognize or have taken for granted before. I feel that now, I seem to have a better appreciation for the human brain and its activity, why? Because now I realize why some parts of our human lives exists. It’s because of how our brain operates. Just to think that if we never had the abstract thoughts (imagination) or a combination of ideas, what would we have today? Most likely, we would be able to rule all technological advancements out because the reason that these things exist is purely due to human idea and imagination.

Another thing is human computation; we would not have language or be able to comprehend symbols, actions, and gestures if we were not able to compute. If it weren’t for computation, we probably wouldn’t have emotions or inner feeling because we wouldn’t be able to compute what’s going on with our bodies. So many things we take for granted about the human brain, but also, there is much more that we don’t even know about. After all, on a daily basis, we as humans only use about a maximum of 9%.

Overall, after reading this article I feel a few main things; 1. There is still much to learn about the human brain, 2. A lot of us take our brains for granted, and 3. The human brain influences almost everything in our society, today.
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