The Human Acts Rights

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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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* Human rights act (1998)
* Disability discrimination act(1995)
* Sex discrimination act (1975)
* Protection of children act(1999)
* Health and safety at work act (1974)
* (COSHH) control of substances hazardous to health regulations(2002) * Data protection act (1998)
Human rights act(1998)-human right gives you the right to live to certain freedoms on what you can say and do anyone in uk has to respect theses rules cannot be gone against as its a law. Human right gives you the right - * To live

* To education
* To marry
* to have kids
* to not be treated in a degrading way
* to think whatever they want and freedom to religion, beliefs * to have a say against death punishments
* to get involved in free elections
* the right to fairness
* the right to expression
* the right to be gone against if these rules are not followed * to have respect for private family life
* the right to talk and associate with anyone u will
If you ever think that your human rights have been gone against you will and you can’t sort it outside you will have to go to court and they will sort out your case. You should respect peoples right the way they should for you. This law makes it illegal for people like police, government and council’s go against the human rights act and any law which goes against will have to be changed. Everyone should be treated equally fairly and respect. Human right last updated October 2000. Disability discrimination act (1995)-This law gives the right for people with disabilities to be treated like any other individual it gives them the right work, have education and buy and owe lands, selling and using services and transport like everyone else. This law gives them the right for people not to discriminate and bully disabled people. This law was adjusted October 2004.The disability act helps protect disabled people and their careers and families ect. The Disability Discrimination Act...
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