The Horse Dealers Daughter

Topics: Love, Romance, Death Pages: 4 (1549 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Shawntaye Perry
Mr. Kroll
English II
08, May 2013
The Horse Dealers Daughter
Lawrence’s “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter was originally called “The Miracle,” marking the protagonist’s rebirth of love out of death. "The Horse Dealer's Daughters" could possibly have two different themes. ). One being love and the other being death. Lawrence takes the old school “boy meets girl” in a whole different direction. Lawrence also uses a lot of symbolism in his short story. He gives her big brother Joe horse-like characteristics. Joe identifies with the beasts.(701) To drill this idea farther into the reader’s head he describes his posture as horse-like more than once and then the character exits with his "...tail between his legs." (704) Fred Henry is likened to an animal albeit a less mindless one, and Mabel is said to have had a bull-doggish expression. He also uses the pond as symbolism; symbolizing death. He describes the pond cold dark. He describes the evening as full of death. The story begins with Mabel and her brothers sitting around the table eating breakfast. “Well, Mabel, and what are you going to do with yourself?” asked Joe, with foolish flippancy. (ebooks) For a decade, Mabel played housekeeper for her “ineffectual brothers” and although she was not happy, (Norton anthology). Her apparent inability to plan her future is initially a source of tension and conflict. However, the events that unfold make clear that the life that Mabel has led for the past twenty-seven years has molded her into a determined and independent woman. Through these characteristics, Mabel finds her strength. Yet ironically these qualities also make her see the horror of the loss of self-sufficiency that seems inevitable with the family's breakup. (short story master pieces penn).

Their family what’s left of it is being torn apart. They were all frightened at the collapse of their lives, and the sense of disaster in which...
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