The Holocaust; Systems of Persecution

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“The Holocaust: Systems of Persecution”

During World War II, Adolf Hitler was persecuting minorities in Europe. His main target were the Jews. In order to accomplish this, Hitler used numerous systems of persecution, including propaganda, the relocation of people to ghettos, and the creation of laws to take away peoples’ rights. However, one of the most effective systems? that was used during the Holocaust was the use of technology to effectively exterminate the minorities that were, in his opinion, the problem.

One example of the technology used was the use of deadly gas. Death camp gas chambers were the most used execution source against the Jews. Many gas chambers were disguised as showers. The minorities that were (viewed as) mentally or physically worthless were shoved in the chambers, never to come out alive. Zyklon-B (define) pellets were either thrown in by the guards, or split open when the showers were activated. Gas was just the beginning of the genocide that happened during the Holocaust. (Good work-you just need to explain how these techniques were particularly effective)

Another of the many ways of mass murder was the use of fire called incineration. After being gassed, alive or not, the remaining bodies would be thrown into an oven and be incinerated so that nothing remained but ashes of the many victims. Then, the remaining ashes were sifted through to find any valuable items which were put into a bank. The place where the ovens were located looked like a factory. When inside, it was a machine to cook souls to the death. The ovens were long so it could hold many victims at one time. The way to exterminate is to not let your victims escape, so a new way to kennel the hostages was under way. (Good again, but you need to explain why this was done-how did this fit into his plan; why not just bury the bodies?)

During the Holocaust, Hitler wanted a complex task done immediately after the Jews were identified, which called for an...
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