The Hobbit Summary Chapters 11-15

Topics: The Hobbit, Middle-earth, Smaug Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Summary: Chapter 11
At the beginning of chapter 11 of the novel “The Hobbit“ when the group reaches the foot of the mountain they decide to search out the secret door described on their map. After hours of searching, Bilbo finally locates a narrow passage along a cliff that leads to a patch on the mountain’s side. Though the patch must be the door, the dwarves cannot find a way to open it. One evening the hobbit suddenly the riddle on the map. He quickly gathers the other dwarves by the door, and they watch as the sun slowly sets. With the sun’s last light a keyhole appears. Thorin quickly takes the key that came with the map and places it in the rock and a door opens. Summary: Chapter 12

Bilbo enters, slips on his ring to make himself invisible, and proceeds down the passage into Smaug’s lair. There, he sees the dragon asleep on piles of treasure. Bilbo is horribly afraid, but he works up the nerve to take a golden cup. He then rushes back up to the dwarves, who marvel over the cup. When Smaug awakens, he is enraged to discover that the cup is missing. The dwarves and Bilbo huddle inside the secret passage. After a while, Smaug returns and falls asleep. The hobbit goes in again to check if Smaug is asleep but the dragon is awake and is waiting for him. Although he cannot see Bilbo because of the ring, Smaug smells the hobbit. The hobbit tells the dwarves that he has seen a whole in Smaug's skin where he can get injured. They then hear the roar of the dragon once more and shut the door to the passage just before the dragon comes . They are now trapped inside the mountain. Summary: Chapter 13

Smaug guesses that the company is involved with the men of Lake Town, so he flies there to destroy the city. The hobbit and dwarves cower in the dark passage until they can bear it no longer. Bilbo takes only a few things of the dragon's treasure. After the excitement has died down, Thorin leads the company through the passages of the mountain and out the main gate. They...
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