The History of Denim Jeans

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  • Published : February 26, 2012
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young 1
Karlie Young
Mr. Z. Goldstein
14 February 2012

Denim Jeans

In this research project I'm going to be discussing the history of denim jeans. Did you know that denim jeans are worn though out the world? The world is covered with people nearness too say so on that note I'm going too be mentioning some main topics on jeans, the history,the manufactures and, and the different shapes and sizes and designs. The product that I'm going too mainly be talking about in this research paper are denim jeans,the types the history the people that wears them and lots more.

The definition of denim is a hard-wearing twill-weave cotton fabric used for trousers, work clothes, etc. An example of a denim clothing or etc. is a denim jacket. and also denim comes in all different colors. mostly likely the color you have in your

head, jeans come in that color.

The history of denim jeans. Well have you ever wonder who,where, why and how jeans came or who invented them. In this part of my essay I'm going to cover all the young 2 important information. The person that invented the denim jeans a men named Jacob Davis (aka Jacob Youphes). in 1873 jacob davis invented the first brand of jeans and that is levi strauss. the place and country where denim jeans where invented and found was germany.

Have you ever thought about how did the product denim jeans come too the inventors mind/attention? why did he think we needed them? Was he just bored?Are Denim Jeans still around? the reason why jeans where invented was because they are invented too keep your butt warm, the sun off your legs and to provide sturdy pants to workers than stacks didn't work where was being done. so ovously jeans came too his attention by thinking we needed protection.

do you think that jeans are...
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