Wrangler Jeans Advertisement Analysis

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Brianna Thompson
English 2 Pre-IB
April 26, 2013
Advertisement Analysis: Wrangler© Jeans
From construction workers to high fashion models, jeans are or have been worn by practically every person that you may come across today in life. To match these people’s needs there is a plethora of ways in which jeans are styled and shaped. This variety is good for a person who has an assortment of styles and looks, but is not really good for your “average Joe” who is just looking for a pair that is comfortable, durable and suits them in a way that complements them. So with this notion where will this “average joe” find his pair of jeans? Well in today's day and age the the internet would be the first place to go, but why not just settle for a good ol’ magazine advertisement? Specifically speaking a Wrangler advertisement, which boldly states, “Nothing Beats Wrangler Comfort”, their two celebrity endorsements, along with the comparison of “other jeans” with their jeans. I believe that Wrangler successfully advertised their jeans in such a way that is easy to decipher, gets straight to the point, being plain and simple simple, while still attracting attention to itself.

Taking a first look at this advertisement there not that much going on with its simplistic look, but your attention is immediately directed to the bottom portion of the advertisement which is plastered in red, a commonly used color that advertisers use to catch one’s attention. In this section the first thing that you will most likely notice would be the large, bold, white statement, “Nothing Beats Wrangler Comfort”. The purpose of this statement is making a completely straightforward and bold claim that Wrangler’s jeans are the best of the best, while conveying the idea that their jeans are the most comfortable because of the way they made “comfort” the largest word in the slogan. Below the slogan there is a comparison between two kinds of jeans, one named “Other Jeans” and the next...
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