The Hero in My Life

Topics: Mother, Father, English-language films Pages: 2 (940 words) Published: October 25, 2010
What makes someone a hero? Is it their ability to put others first? Is it their bravery? I believe a hero to me is someone who goes above and beyond or isn’t satisfied with being average. A hero is someone who puts their own life at risk in order to save someone else. A hero is also someone who knows what matters in life and doesn’t let that slip through their fingers. A hero is someone who is determined to do the right thing and make sure others are doing the right thing. The hero in my life is my dad. He’s a hero because he’s courageous, determined, and always puts his family first.

My dad is courageous because he was apart of September 11th.For those of you who don’t know what happened on September 11th, it was the day the twin tower were attached by terrorist. My father was a New York police officer for 20 years. When 9/11 happened he stayed and helped while many others ran scared. He put his life at risk to get others to safety. His job on 9/11 was to check all subways for bombs because they were afraid they would bomb the subways. He also had to get as many people out of the way as the second tower fell. The days that followed 9/11 were even harder. My dad had to work all day for weeks while sleeping on a cot at the side of the road for only a few hours. My dad’s primary jobs were to remove debris and bodies out of the city. My dad lost many friends and coworkers, but he continued to risk his own life to do what he had to, to secure the city. In addition, he worked to secure the city by checking all subways for bombs. My dad’s ability to be courageous makes him a hero.

My dad is also very determined. My father has always been determined to do the right thing. My dad once saw a lady drop 20 dollars on the floor and instead of keeping it he chased after the lady and returned it. He believes everything should be done fairly and that no one is better then anyone else. For our 16th birthday my parents buy us a car and they spend the same amount on the car...
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