Definition of a Hero

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Definition of a Hero

To me, a hero can be many things, but there are a few qualities that all heroes should have. All heroes should be courageous, and act even when they are afraid; they also need to be decisive, so they can act when needed. They obviously have to be helpful and selfless, so that they put mostly put others before themselves. Lastly, they need to be determined to do what is right, they can’t just let something go past them and not do something about it, if it’s in their power to do so.

There are many different definitions that I found. A definition I found in was “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.” I also found a definition from that said “one who shows great courage.”

I believe that a hero needs to be courageous. One example of this would be if a child went to their parents and told them something that they want to be the opposite gender, I think it’d be courageous for the parent to fully support their child, and buy them the clothes that they want, and the medication, etc. That would be courageous because not all parents will do that these days, due to the stigma that could be put on the parents. I also believe that a hero needs to be decisive. An example of that would be if somebody who was in the army needed to make a quick decision, like if their commander just died, and they needed to lead the rest of the people in their troop. They would need to make a smart decision, but it would also have to be quick.

One example of a non-fiction hero would be Sergeant David Acarnley of England. He is a soldier who risked his life to defuse a series of IEDs in Afghanistan, who has been awarded the Queen’s Gallantry Medal. While I don’t believe in war, and I personally don’t really believe that there even should be an army, I think that what he did was a very brave, courageous, and selfless thing to do, and it...
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