The Harmonious Multi-Racial Country

Topics: Malaysia, Mass media, Love Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Community members who live in our country live in peace and harmony. The relationship between multi-racial society like the Malays, Chinese and Indians are so closely intertwined and form a close-knit community. The idea of ​​the establishment of Datuk Seri Najib B. Tun Abd. Razak about the slogan "1 Malaysia" has brought our country towards a paradigm shift and change the way of life of a society of living in Malaysia. However, the initiative, the initiative must be implemented by all parties to maintain peace and harmony in our country?

Prakasa premier harmonious multi-racial society in Malaysia is the attitude of the individual. This is so because, generally be safe a community depends on the individual. Each individual should adopt less ansurdan mutual love love each other. Every citizen should always practice 17 moral values ​​in their daily lives. With the availability of pure practitioner attitudes within society in Malaysia, live every society people of all races will always be peace and harmony. For example, our house open house in conjunction with a festival like Hari Raya, we should not prevent our neighbors even if they are not the same religion as us from our visit together to celebrate with us. If every citizen to practice tolerance and love love each other, it would be a multi-racial society harmony can be maintained, because the house because sasaknya robust, resilient as the integrity of the nation state . Strictly speaking, the attitude of the individual plays the most important role to maintain the harmony and prosperity of a plural society in Malaysia today.

In addition, the school also has acted as a multiracial society living in our country in order to live in peace and harmony. The school must provide activities that involve community NATURE various social and ethnic groups. Next, the school also should encourage the application of the traditional dress of their own race while sambuatan-like celebration of Independence Day...
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