The Diversity of Races

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Diversity- the condition of being composed of variety: including the different types of people of different races or cultures in a group or organization. I highly believe that The University of Kentucky is a very diverse college. There are females, males, Latinos, African Americans, Caucasians, Asians, and many other different types of people that go to The University of Kentucky. Diversity is very important because people can learn from the different cultures and ways people live. You get to actually see the ways people live instead of reading about it. It’s really great to have a diverse university because many different people will get a better education and can achieve more than what they expected. Also people can learn to be in a different work environment as the future approaches. I believe that I will contribute to diversity at The University of Kentucky because I am a Hispanic female. I come from a different background than the people I grew up with. I eat different food every day at home; I speak a different language at home; I live a different way than my friends do. My parents never went to college but I want to go to college to get a really good education and make something great out of myself. I feel like if people learn to be around different people like me they will learn how to work with them in the future. For me to be a Hispanic female, people will see me and will get used to working in an environment like that. I’m so thankful that The University of Kentucky is such a diverse university because I would feel more comfortable there. My friend who is in her third year of college called me one time and asked me to help her with her Spanish homework. I got to help her with her college homework and it made me feel great. A benefit of me coming to The University of Kentucky is that I could help a lot of people with that subject. I could also teach people the different things that my family does at home. In the future a lot of people will...
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