The Happy Prince in Las Pinas (Oratorical Speech)

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  • Published : August 11, 2013
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Time is out of joint

O’ cursed-spite

That ever I shall be born

To set it right


A pleasant morning to all.

Through the many years of torment and immolation, one shall open his eyes to witness the despair and agony felt by our people, such sorrow, cruelty and excruciating pain painting the walls of our city.

As I stand in the heights of the Happy Prince, there shall be no more of illusions for the curtains of reality are now unfolded and the deception of the past is nothing but a mere figment of the mind. In this epoch that we inhabit, the highly modernized city of Las Pinas is a society governed with human judgment, broken promises of justice, superficial beauties and inequalities where some are born with a silver spoon in their mouth living a happy and comfortable life while most are striving just to have a least one meal.

Such a paradox to hear that even a person having a heart of lead had felt sadness for what he had grasped out of his sight, had made him shed to tears and that sympathy to the poor, needy and helpless cannot be provoked.

It is about time that we turned the pyramid upside-down, so the poor may as well endure the pleasure of life.

For the power to enlighten their dark days shall be possessed by the one who shall be the bearer of goodwill and that absolute happiness will be flowing in his soul.

In the fact that some people are born wealthy while some are helpless, we need change. One should make a difference! One should help another and the other one should follow. A person should dig deep upon the wideness of the world, spread drops of joy and happiness with sincerity; open his generous heart to grow and live a fruitful and systematic life.
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