Iacocca: an Autobiography

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  • Published : November 3, 2008
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The book, Iacocca: An Autobiography, has been written by lee Iacocca (co-authored by William Novak). Lido Anthony Iacocca famously known as "Lee" Iacocca was born on October 15, 1924 and is an American industrialist and the author of one of America's success stories, who managed to turn around a dying Chrysler in the 80s was a phenomenon in that period of time and his autobiography was one of the best-sellers. He is the author and Co-author of several books like, Iacocca: An Autobiography, Where have all the leaders gone? and Talking Straight. This book, “Iacocca: An Auto Biography is the first book written by Lee and it covers almost every major aspect of his life. i.e from the time when his father came to the US, to his school days till he was made the CEO at Chrysler. He wrote this book because everyone was asking him about WHY Henry Ford fired him & how he got to be successful & how did he turn Chrysler around. However, he wanted these answers to be authentic and coming from the person directly involved in the questions. That is why he states: “The truth is that, I wrote this book to set the record straight (and to keep my mind straight), to tell the story of my life at Ford and at Chrysler the way it really happened”

He further tells his story regarding what happened in Ford and how he was booted out from there, just months before he was about to retire This book has a good flow and encompasses intellectual qualities like simplicity and clarity in language. Moreover, it also reflects a lot of emotional qualities such as wit, humor, satire and anger. Furthermore, the writer uses the metaphors and similes with ease and firm grasp on them. Like in the very beginning of the book,Lee explains how painful it was for him and his family and what his family had to go through as he was dismissed from Ford by Henry Ford. “They were the innocent victims of the despot whose name was on the building… Even today, their pain is what stays with me. It’s like the lioness and her cubs. If the hunter knows what’s good for him, he’ll leave the little ones alone. Henry Ford made my kids suffer and for that ill never forgive him.” This book by Lee comprises of twenty-eight chapters and is divided into four parts. The First part is Made in America, comprising of two chapters, where he writes about his life, mostly before joining Ford. The second part is The Ford Story, consist of ten chapters, where he writes about the years he spend in Ford with henry Ford. The Third part, The Chrysler Story encompassing 40% of the book, explains how he turned Chrysler around. And the forth part is Straight talk. (Comprising of four chapters) where he talks about the necessary use of seat-belts in the cars and ends this part by pointing out the need for unity between the political parties, the republicans and the democrats in order to make America great again. This whole book is very interesting and informative. Lee, not only tells about his life history but also tried to give the full and exact picture of the situation he has been through. From the very start his exposition has been informative. In the first paragraph of the first chapter of the book he tells us about his father and his feelings about arriving in America in the following words:

“Nicola Iacocca , my father, arrived in the country in 1902 at the age of twelve-poor, alone and scared. He used to say that the only thing he was sure of when he got here was that the world was round. And that was only because another Italian boy named Christopher Columbus had preceded him by 410 years, almost to the day.” Furthermore, he tells how he and his family were closed to each other in the following words. “When I was growing in Allentown, Pennsylvania, our family was so close it sometimes felt as if we were one person with four parts.” Moreover, he extols his parents for making him and his sister feel special and important. His father, he explains, always had time...
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