The Growing Gang Problem in America

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Talk of the growing gang problem in America

Thesis: To control this issue immigration laws must be created and enforced and the glamorization of the life of a gangster in American media must be stopped.


Pt. 1- Illegal immigration is a cause of the growth of MS-13

-due to this MS-13 has come to the U.S. seeking out power across the western hemisphere

-show that small immigration reform such as simple deportation has not resulted positively

-show a connection between the potential threat of smuggling terrorists and drug or human trafficking

- if these gaps of security are exposed for much longer we will face a serious gang crisis

Pt. 2- The glamorization of the life of a gangster in the media is a factor of growth for MS-13

-Dr. Carlie’s study on gang growth

- show the connection between the use of violence to shape a youth’s mind and will to perform the tasks of the gang

- evidence from FBI reports showing the dangerous connection between gangs in media and growth of gang members in hostile gangs

-result leads us to stricter rules on what is shown on television and in movies and sensitivity to topics of gang violence

Conclusion- Restate that if these problems are not dealt with accordingly then America faces a serious security crisis in the near future. Problems are fixable but will take work.`1```

Jamie Hagan

Prof. House

English 1010

November 18, 2010

Gang violence in the United States of America is a prevalent issue that people concerned with our nation’s security are working to combat every day. Gang violence is growing in America as members from the El Salvadoran gang MS-13 immigrate into the U.S. To control this issue immigration laws must be created and enforced and the glamorization of the life of a gangster in American media must be stopped.

MS-13 began in the late 1980’s in the Los Angeles Pico Union neighborhood, which was primarily composed of Salvadoran migrants that had fled the civil war in their home country. All of the founding gang members were ex-soldiers from the Salvadoran army or guerilla soldiers from the rebel army (Burton). Many of these Salvadoran men felt pressured by both Mexican and African-Americans who saw these new Salvadoran immigrants as competition for the available jobs in the area (FBI, 2009). In response to this hostile pressure from both Mexican and black gangs, the ex-soldiers of the Salvadoran army bonded together and formed the basis for what would become one of the largest and most violent gangs in the world, named Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13 (Burton, 2006). Originally, the early members of MS-13 used the gang’s power and personnel to protect its members and other Salvadoran families from the already present hostile Latino and black gangs in Los Angeles (FBI, 2009). In the early years, MS-13 membership was small and only composed of men who had served in battle in El Salvador and who were only of Salvadoran heritage (Burton). As time went on, the members of this new gang began to use violent methods to achieve their funding, and due to most of the gang members’ guerilla training from the war in El Salvador, the gang became known for its brutal violence and merciless actions in dealing with whomever they crossed (Burton). The training and fighting experiences from the civil war in El Salvador had hardened many of the early gang members (FBI, 2009).

MS-13’s reputation for violence has helped the gang expand its control of certain cities by killing off or intimidating other gangs in the surrounding areas. MS-13, like the military, usually uses the tactic of small specialized group work, like mini-assassinations teams, or the tactic of overwhelming force, where an entire clique of MS-13 members may be involved in a hostile gang takeover of a certain territory (Burton). Another factor that contributes to their violent status is the fact that many of the founding gang members are...
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