The Green Community

Topics: Cohousing, Intentional community, Earth Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: May 6, 2012
The Green Community

Our world has grown significantly and will continue to grow, as our species continues to flourish, unfortunately this constant flourishing of humans, advancing of technology, and the declining in common values will lessen the sense of community in our world. Let’s say that there is a chance to live in a community that have the same common values as you do, this community would base their values on reducing their carbon footprint the name of this society is Ecovillage, the civilization would focus on citizenship, health, and education.

In our society today, the communities with a common purpose are called an intentional community and they are commonly referred to as communes. Some of the intentional communities are the Cambridge Zen center, Catholic Worker Communities, and the common ground community. There are over 12,000 intentional communities in North America according to the website, many of them base their values on nature, therapy, and spirituality. Intentional communities are often associated with “Hippies“, which makes them have a negative connotation. The communes in the sixties were mostly populated by young people who were working against society, they were often rioting against the war in Vietnam. Now days the intentional communities are people over forty years old, they have lived in the “normal world” and are looking for something better.

The Ecovillage would focus on the preservation of our earth. There will be many differences in the life of a “normal life” then of those living in the Ecovillage. The building plans for the Ecovillage are the following, the buildings will be skyscrapers to prevent damage to the forests that would surround our urban city, each building will have grid-connected solar panels that will produce energy for the entire building, there will be a 15,000 gallon water tank and each family will be allowed to use 150/gallons of water, all clothes will be washed on the rooftops...
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