The Greatest Women from an Islamic Perspective

Topics: Muhammad, Prophets of Islam, Ali Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: March 23, 2013
The first person to believe was Khadijah RA, she was the leader of the pack, and she preceded the men. But what made Khadija RA so special and what made her one of the four greatest women ever to live. We need to revisit the texts of Aasia, Maryam and Fatima. It can be seen that all four had a solid spiritual heart, their Imaan was powerful, their faith in Allah subhana wa’tala reached to the level of Yakin. Yakin is a state of conviction, where nothing can bring doubts into the heart. The heart has absorbed Imaan to such an extent that it makes it unshakeable, even if it goes against what is seen and heard, for an individual with Yakin they see something else. Aasiya Raadi allahu anha– had it all in the send of Dunya, at that time she lived in a palace that was regarded as one of the best in the Dunya, and she had servants, a powerful husband and everything the Dunya could bring. But yet Aasiya Aasiya Raadi allahu anha said that she does not want this that she wanted to be saved from firaun and his deeds and to have a house in Jannah instead. She was surrounded by evil, it came in tides, but her Imaan remained unshakeable. Of the aforementioned all four were good wives or mothers. This may not bode well with the feminised sisters. Aasiya and Maryam raised two of the greatest Prophets (Musa and Isa Alayhi salaam) Khadija Aasiya Raadi allahu anha is regarded as a great women and outstanding due to her excellent qualities as a wife rather than her business dealings, she was the pillar of support to the Prophet saallahu alayhi wa’ saallaam at the initial stages of revelation. Fatima was a great daughter and Wife for Ali (Aasiya Raadi allahu anhu). Fatimah was passing the impressionable years of her childhood in the shadow of the events of Prophethood, she had to see her father suffer. Yet, her maturity was such that she faced all this with remarkable patience and determination. as a child did her upmost to defend her father and protect him. She...
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