English Notes for 9 Class

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IX One Q - 1)When and Where was The Holy Prophet ﷺ born? What family did Heﷺ belong to? Where is mount Arafat? Ans: The Holy Prophet ﷺ was born in 571 AD at Makkah. He belonged to the Noble family of Quraish. Mount Arafat is near Makkah. Q - 2)What has the Holy prophet ﷺ left behind us for our guidence? Or How can we achieve our former greatness? Or What did the Holy prophet say about the Holy book of Allah? Ans: The Holy Prophet ﷺ is no more with us but he ﷺ left "Holy Quran" behind us for our guidence if we act according to its teaching, we will never go wrong and we will soon achieve our former greatness. Q - 3)What does the last sermon of the holy prophet ﷺ teach us? Ans: The last sermon of the Holy Prophet ﷺ teaches us that "There is no God except and Allah all power belongs to him". The most righteous is the most honourable. Only The goodness of Person makes him superior to other. All Muslims are brother to each other. Q - 4)What is meant by "Hijra"? or What do you mean by "Hijra"? Ans: In 622 A.D. The migration of The Holy Prophet ﷺ with his followers from Makkah to Medina is known as Hijra. Q - 5)Where and on what three principles was The Islamic Society based on? Ans: In Madina, The Prophet Mohammad ﷺ founded an islamic society based on following three Principles. (i)There is no God except Allah, All power belongs to him.

(ii)Mohammad ﷺ is his last Prophet.
(iii)All Muslims are brothers to each other.
Q - 6)What did the Holy Prophet ﷺ tell about the superiority of the person? Ans: The Holy Prophet ﷺ said, "Only the goodness of a person makes him superior. I therefore crush under my feet all false claims of greatness and superiority founded on blood and wealth". Q - 7)From where The prophet ﷺ raised the status of women? Ans: The Holy Prophet ﷺ raised the women from the status of chattle to a complete legal equality with men.

EnglishSHAH ABDUL LATIF chapter
IX Two
Q - 1)What is "Bhit"? and Why is Shah Latif called Bhittai? Ans: A mound of sand is called Bhitt in Sindhi. Shah Latif lived on this mound rest of his life So he is called Bhittai or "The saint of Bhit". Q - 2)Who was Shah Abdul Latif? Ans: Shah Abdul Latif was a great Saint born in 1102 AD. He is also a great religious poet. He was always keen on acquiring knowledge. Q - 3)Wha kind of man was Shah Abdul Latif?

Ans: He had a very sensitive mind. His heart always filled with love of God. The beauty of the nature aroused his feeling strongly. Q - 4)Whay is Shah Abdul Latif famous? And what is his message? Ans: He is famous all over because of his Spiritual power, Deep thinking, Prayer and Devotion. His message is the massage of love. Q - 5)What according to Shah Abdul Latif is goal of life? What did he believe to? Ans: He believed in the brotherhood and equality of men and in pleasing God by good deeds. This is according to him is goal of life. Q - 6)What changes did he make in music? And what did he invent? Ans: He simplified it so that comman people could understand it. He invented a musical istrument called "Tambooro". Q - 7)When and where is Latif "Urs" held every year?

Ans: Shah Abdul Latif's "Urs" is held on 14, Safer (The second month of islamic calendar) at his shrine every year. Q - 8)Name some of...
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