The Great Gatsby Theme

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Golden Calves
In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald the characters idolize one another’s images and social class; which in part is determined by one’s education. The main character Gatsby is critiqued by many different people throughout the novel for who he is, where he came from, what he owns, and how he managed to obtain it. The Golden Calves in the lives of the people in west pertain to an image one must uphold.

Education is an idol worshipped by the characters in The Great Gatsby. The people who know of Gatsby admire him because there is the thought that he attended Oxford College. Numerous characters mention that he attended Oxford, one particular time is when Mr. Wolfsheim comments it to Nick, “Fine fellow, isn’t he? Handsome to look at and a perfect gentleman.’ ‘Yes.’ ‘He’s an Oggsford man.’ ‘Oh!’ ‘He went to Oggford College in England. You know of it?’ ‘I’ve heard of it.’ ‘It’s one of the most famous colleges in the world” (Fitz, 72). This is an example of how the people in this novel respect and regard people with high education. Mr. Wolfsheim considers Oxford to be one of the most famous colleges in the world and makes it a point to mention the fact that Gatsby attended there. In today’s society education continues to be competitive and people are more respected by the schools they attend. According to polls referring to the admitted amount of students into Princeton, one of the most prestigious schools worldwide, %8.36 of applicants or admitted into the undergraduate program. Attending large schools and having a high education has become more and more important in society because now the unemployment rate is up to %9.1 the need for a higher education is booming.

The image and rank of one’s social class is a Golden Calf to the people in The Great Gatsby. First we learn that because of Gatsby’s job and lack of money Daisy is not allowed to be with him. Then later on Gatsby is approached by a news reporter at his...
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