The Government Intrusion - Informative Essay

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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The Government Intrusion

Currently the American Government is becoming more imposing and intruding; directly contradicting the fundamentals and foundation that America is based upon. Greed is naturally a powerful force to contain when offered a position of power; and it lingers while it’s available, with the steps needed to obtain it. Expecting one's best interest to be forever upheld in the hands of men gaining and maintaining power is naïve.

Influenced by the King of England, the Founding Fathers specifically constructed the Constitution to prevent a government from establishing a system of injustice or oppression. This primarily included excessive, illegitimate taxation; which is now the current scenario. American Society was content with the new country that had been formed, and motivated to maintain the values it was built upon, throughout generations. Eventually, time had rightfully eroded the original motivation to preserve America, and citizens were no longer content with only the country in itself; considering the age and times at peace. In modern day America, wealth is the primary motivation for all, including the government and politicians all the same. It has now come to a point at which nearly any connection to the values upheld in early America is foreign and depleted. The Constitution is viewed as a mandatory, dreaded rule book, limiting possible profits. It has become a nuisance for politicians, cooperatively and slowly finding and creating loopholes. This demonstrates the natural tendency to revert to greed without constant prodding, and the methods extended for self-fulfillment.

Considering the influence of power, precautionary steps would be beneficial if there are signs of corruption. The government is silently and deceptively maneuvering past legal obstacles, eventually to abolish them, while in the shadows and reverent eyes of the mass of fools, allowing the complete theft of their freedom while ignorantly providing the fuel for...
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