The Good Military Commander

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1.Title of the book :The Good Military Commander.

2.Author :Brig J Nazareth (Retd).

3.Subject :Self Help/Motivational.

4.Publishers :The Military Highbrow.

5.Cost of the book :Rs 200/-.

6.Book Review by :Capt Abir Bhowmik.

Author’s Introduction

7.Brig J Nazareth graduated in Arts and Law, and was commissioned into the Regt of Grenadiers in 1943. He is a gold medalist and a winner of many prizes for military essay writing. Some of his writings were reproduced in foreign journals.

8.As a young officer, he proved to be an original thinker on military affairs, and his writings were greatly appreciated by many critics. He had a predominant aptitude for tough infantry soldiering and the command of troops. He has served at all levels of command upto his last rank in operational areas in the varied terrain of plains, desert, jungle, mountains and high altitude. In the exercise of his command, he brought a fresh and original approach due to his knowledge of military history and deep reflection.

9.He was an instructor at Defence Services Staff College, Wellington and Head of the Pamphlet Writing Team, Army Headquarters. He has several books to his credit including “Dynamic Thinking for Effective Military Command”, “Creative Thinking in Warfare”, “The Psychology of Military Humour”, “Analysis and Solution of Military Problems” all of which have been well received. His latest book “Light and Shade in Combat Soldiering” (The Evolution of a Good Grenadier Officer) is his autobiography.

Substance of the Book

10.As the name suggests, “The Good Military Commander” can be sought as a guide for officers to attain professional competence and sustain his moral values as a military commander. The book is subdivided into two parts, Part I- The Moral Foundation and Part II – The Leadership Basis.

11.The first part...
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