The Good Life

Topics: Million, English-language films, Thought Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: April 18, 2013
The Good Life goes on but how would I know if goes so fast I miss it .It’s like the story of a good tale that always end with a man who can never tell his story is like a book which has been open for just one look, So like any other fairy tale A wish comes true The poor pathetic life of a blacksmith turns into a heroic life of a hero, A hero they gave me the title the name of the world’s finest idol The million aired they also stressed the could be me they would always idol I was just a poor pathetic blacksmith a handy man for the people No one special I was Just a low class man with a “DREAM “That came true That day the people gazed at the hammers as they bang This one time was different the bang sparked like the glazing of the sun Gold I could only think of the fiery shines of the Day Its Gold its Gold I thought I keep it to myself at first before I started a riot of despaired people More bangs More Gold I did And soon I was a Gold having poor man So the few days passed by the weeks passed by the months passed by And I turned in the Gold and became this new man A Richer man a man with thousands to spend the Million aired. But with the money I gave some portion to the poor and turned their into a better TRUTH And that’s when they called me the HERO The titles “YES” they came and came, HERO, MILLON AIRED, FARTHER, RICHES, KEEPERS MAN, The Gold Digger, And most important of all the WEALTHY I lived for this day I said to myself the days dream will never end I can walk upright high looking glamorous than any other in the whole city maybe even country. I stand I front of people just to say my story the tear up and ball all around me as I only say the Good Life is were I’m at now so no need for tears. The whole country knows me but do they even know my name. I demanded myself to take a seat and think is this whole Good Life Masquerade even worth it if the people on know me for my good deeds but yet not even know my name. The door opens and the voice comes in Mister...
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