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Topics: President of the United States, Maryland, American Civil War Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: April 11, 2013

1) The theme of “Lincoln” is that slavery is the cause of separation in America. By passing the 13 amendment, the Confederates would join the Union and the Civil war would cease. 2) During Lincoln’s presidency, there were many differences to the marvel world. The differences came from the areas of society and education. During the 1860’s, women were considered feeble, weak, and deficient when compared to a man. Their main job was to take care of their families. Much of the rights that were granted to free males were either prohibited or not given to a female. Even in the House of Representatives there was not a single woman. Furthermore, education was not regarded by mothers and fathers as an important task to life. Due to war, due to nationalism, and due to fighting for a justice cause, most kids above the age of 15 were called to duty, either for the Confederates (south) or for the Unions (north). While the aristocrats, such as the Lincoln family, believed in education, most teenagers believed it was their goal to fight for their nation, or else they believed that they were wasting their life. Lastly, I learned from the movie that Democrats were for slavery, while the Republicans were against it. The Republicans were also the ones that wanted the 13th Amendment to be passed, thus supporting president Lincoln’s ideals. 3) During the elongated process of trying to pass the 13th Amendment, there were struggles and successes. One struggle that the Democrat’s brought to the House of Representatives was their ideal that instead of passing the 13th Amendment and emancipating slaves, the Confederates should make peace with the Unions. If the war should cease with a treaty, without the 13th Amendment passing, the Democrats believed the 13th Amendment was useless in trying to make a better union. Also, on the way to the White House were Confederates from the south that were coming to make a treaty with the Union. Though the news of Confederates...
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