The Good and Bad Qualities of Siblings

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Brittnee Ramirez
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Brothers vs. Sisters
In August of 1993 I finally arrived into this world, screaming, big-eyed and alone, just Mommy and me; then she brought me home. Some children are born into large families while others have just a set of parents to keep them company. If only I were lucky enough to be born one of those children. The day I left the hospital I came home to just two siblings, an older brother and an older sister, not so bad. Throughout the years the family kept growing, and growing, and growing. Today there are eight of us, four boys and four girls. There are a million characteristics that separate brothers from sisters; some good, some bad, and others are just plain weird and annoying. The Good

To begin with every sibling has his/her good qualities. I can always go to my brothers just as fast as I can go to my sisters if I ever need help or advice. When it comes to my sisters I can talk to them about boys, Barbie’s, and babies. My brothers on the other hand are good for talking about sports, video games, and scars. Both groups are great listeners and have always been there to lend me a helping hand. The Bad

Then there are the bad qualities. My sisters tend to go through all of my belongings; clothes, shoes, jewelry, text messages, pictures, notes, makeup, etc., whereas my brothers typically won’t even go near my bedroom. I physically fight more with my brothers and verbally fight with my sisters. Either way both are equally getting an earful. I always end up cleaning dishes behind my sisters and doing my brothers laundry. The boys are just lazy and the girls just do it wrong the first time. If asked for their opinions, my sisters never shut up and my brothers never speak up, either way it’s a lose-lose situation.

The Weird and Annoying
My sisters will go ahead and strip down to nothing but skin while I’m in the room or while I’m standing there talking to them. That’s awkward. My brothers always talk about sex and drugs;...
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