The Glass Menagerie Term Paper

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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See Through the Menagerie to the Author
Most people have had an experience with a dysfunctional home or at least has a friend with one. Sadly broken homes have never been uncommon. The Wingfeilds are one of these families with an unfavorable home life. The classic play, The Glass Menagerie, is what is known as a memory play, and is taken from the memories of one of the main characters, Tom Wingfeild. Including Tom the play consists of four characters which are his mother, Amanda, his sister, Laura, and a gentlemen caller that appears in the final two scenes. He lives with his mother and sister in a small St. Louis apartment. Their father left, as Tom explained it, a “long time ago” because he was “a man who fell in love with long distances,” leaving Tom to provide for his family. He spends all of his spare time at the theater or writing poetry all the while dreaming of the adventures his father may be having, and someday he could be too. He decided to wait to leave his life when they could survive without him. This goal would have the best chance of happening if Laura met a gentlemen caller or retained a job, and neither of these options had a good chance of happening. The mother, Amanda, is relentless finding a man for her daughter, which has never turned out well. It has not worked out primarily because whenever Laura is in a social situation she is always forced to retreat into her own little cosmos. The glass menagerie placed in the family’s living room is ware Laura likes to stare at the figurines while in her pure world. After realizing that trying to find a man was not working Amanda decides to send Laura off to business collage so she can at least make something of herself. That plan soon failed as well due to her crippling shyness and was found spending her days drifting around the neighborhood not wanting to go back. Part of the reason for this shyness is because she is slightly disabled. The disability is nothing but a brace on her leg but it has...
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