An Analysis of The Glass Menagerie

Topics: The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams, Accept Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: April 26, 2012
The world is a very mysterious place with its constant advancements and how it is always evolving, but to some people this world may be considered a scary place. This fear of the outside world has the ability to make those who fear it unable to accept reality. In Tennessee Williams play The Glass Menagerie, the thought of accepting reality is especially hard for the Wingfield family, Laura, Tom, and Amanda, causing them to close themselves off each in their own unique way.

The loss of reality seems to be furthest gone from the eldest child of the Wingfield family, Laura. Laura is a young woman with a brace on her leg causing her to walk with a limp. Her limp and medical condition ultimately leads her to have little to no self confidence which in turn makes her very socially awkward when interacting in public. Despite her efforts, Laura quit going to her business class, doesn’t work, and doesn’t go out of her home. The one thing that consumes Laura’s life is her glass collection of animals. Laura interacts with her glass animals and gives them a whole life. To Laura these animals are her reality. Whenever Laura does not feel comfortable she turns to this glass collection or she goes to the record player to escape from the reality. This exemplified when Jim, an old high school crush, comes over to dinner. When Jim first arrives Laura is too shy to answer the door and once he is in the house Laura becomes so nervous she becomes physically ill. Although she retreats to the records and stays on the couch while the others eat dinner; she is later accompanied by Jim. After a conversation, Jim and Laura dance around the room but Jim knocks over her glass unicorn breaking off the horn. At this point Laura finally breaks through her insecurities and almost accepts reality. Laura is not upset by this and tells Jim “now he is a normal horse,” but she slips right back into her fantasy world by saying “I will just pretend that he had a surgery to have his horn removed,”...
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