The Giver by Lois Lowry Essay

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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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The Giver by Lois Lowry is about a young boy named Jonas and about the perfect community he lives in. Their life-style is a lot difference from ours because they don't get to choose what they want, they are just told to do it. They also do things differently, an example would be the way they celebrate there birthday. Every children from 12 and under celebrate there birthday on December as a community. Another difference is the way they create their family unit. They are only allowed to have a certain amount of children in their families and I know this because in the book it says “ 'Lily you know the rules.' 'Only 2 children- one male, one female- to each family unit. It was written very clearly in the rules.' ” (Lowry, 8)

In Jonas society they get a certain gift that symbolizes something significant. For example when the turn 9, they get their own bicycle (They don't have cars, only bicycles), and they can also start doing their volunteering hours. Another example is that when they turn 12 they get assigned their job in the community and immediately start their training the next day. After they have turned twelve, they say in the book that their age doesn't matter anymore and one of the reasons would be that they are considered adults after 12. I also know this because in the book the Chief Elderly said to Jonas friend, Asher “Thank for your childhood.” (Lowry, 56) after getting his assignment in the community.

Our community is a lot different from theirs because we celebrate our birthdays on the day we were born. We also sing happy birthday and the presents they give us don't have any special meaning to them like they do in Jonas community. And we don't become an adult until we are 18 or so, but we keep track of our age as time goes on. We also don't celebrate our birthday with the whole community we only celebrate it with our friends and family.

Another Difference between our communities is the way they create their family unit. They get picked a...
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