Jona's Community

Topics: Emotion, Pain, Suffering Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: March 26, 2013
In Jonas’ and my community, there are many differences and similarities. In my community we do not refer to a community that is perfect. Jonas’ community refers to their community that is perfect.

Jonas’ community has many differences, but here are a few. The people that live in that community can only see in black and white. They do not know what color is or experienced it. The people have never felt real emotional or physical pain. Sometimes they would fall and scrape their knees, but they take pain relief pills to stop their pain so it not real intense, throbbing pain. Jonas’ community can’t also feel love. When Jonas asked his parents if they loved him they said no because they don’t use that word “love” anymore. Jonas’ community has a lot of differences. My community also has a lot of differences, and there are so many I can only list a few. The people in my community can see in color. After the rain has come and gone there is a beautiful rainbow stretched across the light blue sky. In my community we can feel real emotional or physical pain. I will feel sorry for someone that has died, and I have broken a bone but we never took pain relief pills. My community can also feel love. My mom and dad say I love you all the time and they really show their love. Compared to my community and Jonas’ community there are a lot of differences.

Both our communities have a lot of similarities too. In both communities, they have a rule that if someone receives their third strike they will receive a discipline. In my community if we were caught in school we will receive a detention, but in Jonas’ community they will be released. Both communities have rules. In my community we have rules in school, at home, and everywhere, but in Jonas’ they only have rules in their school and in their home. In both Jonas’ and my community there are many similarities. Jonas’ and my community both have similarities and differences. I would like to stay in my own community. Three reasons I...
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