As You Like It/Precious Essay

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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3. The choice to belong to a community or group can challenge or enrich. How has this interpretation of belonging been reflected in your texts?

As You Like It| Precious|
* Jaques’ self-isolation at the end of the play after the four weddings. * Jaques’ inability to adapt to the forest environment isolates him from the group and leads to his decision to return to court. * Orlando/Adam’s relationship. * Orlando/Oliver’s relationship – Oliver’s lack of support for Orlando and lack of love is what leads to his escape to the forest. * Duke Senior/Duke Frederick – Duke Frederick is not treated with as much respect as Duke Senior was as a result of his forced banishment – civilians did not support Frederick because of the way he gained his position of power. * Touchstone – doesn’t really belong in the Forest of Arden and he feels the need to rectify this by asserting his position in court in the forest, even though in the court he is not highly ranked.| * Each One Teach One (Miss Rain) * Precious’s relationship with her mother – her mother’s incessant need to tell Precious that she is stupid and worthless affects her so heavily that it leads to her inability to perform in school and interact with other students at school. * Jamal – the birth of Precious’s second child allows her to feel love and joy for the first time – this oblivious infant loves Precious for who she is – his kind and caring mother rather than judging her by her intellect. * The birth of Jamal also empowers Precious to stand up to her mother and leave home to start her own life with her son and to get back her daughter. * The social worker. * Miss Rain’s speech after Precious finds out that she has contracted AIDS from her sexually abusing father “Your baby loves you…I love you”|

Individuals are often presented with the choice to belong to communities or groups, this choice can either challenge or enrich the individual as explored in William Shakespeare’s...
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