Hsc Belonging Speech

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, English-language films, Billy Joel Pages: 3 (1153 words) Published: March 5, 2013
‘Composers of texts use language to position responders to reflect on their own values, attitudes and beliefs in relation to the experience of belong” Explain how your values, attitudes and beliefs in relation to the experience of belonging have been challenged and enriched as a result of your studies. In your response, you must make a detailed reference to your prescribe text The Simple Gift and ONE other related text of your own choosing.

Belonging can be recognise as an examination of self and what it means to be human. We are somewhat applied to rules, conditions and limitations that cause discretion for one, that work to shape, or sometimes disguise our identity. Belonging is not a cognitive concept but an emotive one. We can only truly feel that we belong. Selective foundations such as similarity’s, culture, values, attitudes and ethics can be noted as element to belong. But in doing so, we have to emotionally feel that we do belong, if not we would be seen as outsiders, such as a 4 leaf clover in a field of daisies. In relation to the prescribe text The Simple Gift, Written by Steven Herrick and my selected ORT I am a rock composed by Paul Simmons, they both explore 3 main elements, these are Values, Attitudes and beliefs. Values help define our attitudes, that influence our beliefs that essentially reflects our values. This concept is supported with the strong use of lit-er-ar-y Techniques Billy and his father share an unhealthy relationship that fundamentally creates Billys Values. This idea of an unhealthy relationship is evident in the Flash back scene of Sport. Billy was 10 years old in the backyard, he was kicking the soccer ball when all of a sudden he kicks the ball to hard, and the ball had smashed the window. Steven Herrick use the motif of “thunder” “dad came thundering out” This motif of thunder is giving billys father the characteristics of thunder, an instant release of energy, resulting in damage to the receiving end. In billys case,...
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