The Girl I'Ll Never Forget

Topics: Singing, English-language films Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: November 20, 2011
The girl I’ll never forget

It was early autumn of 2005 when I first saw her… She had already entered the FRGP and was the first-year student. I met her at the repetition, when we were preparing for the regular students’ festival. We were making a casting of singers, when she came in. The cute slender girl, dressed in all white, stepped gingerly but nevertheless in a very graceful way. Her thick blonde curly hair seemed flowing by the wind when she was walking. “Hi, I’m Mary,” – said she smiling. But it wasn’t a smile, which we commonly use to greet someone. She did it in a masterly fashion, having stretched her chubby lips and slightly bared her dazzingly white teeth. “It’s a charm of a girl,” – I thought. Mary seemed rather shy, but everything turned upside down when she started singing. The beauty confidently stood on her spikes with her deep blue eyes wide open. Her strong pleasant voice was fascinating, what’s more, it made us feel creepy all over. I definitely liked the way she moved her slim tender hands. She was gorgeous! At that moment I thought of her as if she was something unattainable, yet I changed my mind when I knew her closer. She is very sociable, polite and down-to-earth. Moreover having her sensitive nature, she admired me deeply . I will keep firmly in mind the day when she found an alley cat in the street. Mary was about to weep, so helpless it was. That’s why she couldn’t help taking the poor thing home. Apart from being apprehensible she is a girl, who is capable of quite courageous deeds. Her only disadvantage is an excessive naïveness, but nevertheless this is exactly what I like about her. I wish just a little more of such people in the world and I hope that our relationship will last forever and ever.
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