The Genetics of Hunger

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The Genetics of Hunger

Shaleigh Johnson

SCI 207

Dr. Christina Luecke

October 31, 2011

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) alone cannot solve world hunger, or malnutrition, because malnutrition does not stem from a lack of food but what is contained in the food. Other issues to be considered would be agricultural sustainability, economics and politics. In order to solve world hunger, these issues must be fully addressed before GMOs or genetically engineered foods can be used as an aid in solving world hunger.

GMOs were introduced somewhere in the 1990's and genetically engineered and tested with tobacco and tomatoes in the United States. The three producers of GMOs are Monsanto, Syngenta, and Dow Chemical Company. This is not to say that GMOs were not around before the early 90’s. History tells us that several countries have done scientific work on GMOs for some years, and with great success in the United Kingdom.

“Europe has a surplus of food production. They have so much food that they are being subsidized. They do not know hunger. They do not know poverty. They are talking with their stomachs full. Wambugu, Nairobi based plant scientist (T

GMOs supply the world with enough food to feed 8 billion people, but what are the qualitative assessments showing us? World hunger still exist.

In the industrialized cities of the world , GMOs would seem to alleviate the problem of hunger in those regions alone. However, we still find hunger in almost every major city in the world, with the exception of the United Kingdom,. If there are enough seeds then why would we still be fighting hunger and malnutrition?

“Malnutrition is addressed by scientifically altering the original pure seed; the scientific community faces the consequences of the hybrid or GMO not having the quality of protein and amino acid properties to sustain the human body requirements”(Coleman, 2005 P. 1 ).

GMOs, or genetically altered seeds that produce an abundance of food, may or may not have the qualified nutrients to efficiently quail world hunger. Some nutritionists have clearly stated that the unknown mutant genes, which may be produced by bio technical engineering the original pure seed, could bring about a myriad of strange mutant genes that could cause viruses, allergies and diseases as yet unknown to the medical field, consequences that need to be addressed by further testing (Bailey, 2002)

In cities all around the world we have family after family with malnutrition. Children’s diets are being neglected in favor of the mutant genetic technology of the GMOs, the proof is in the pudding. We cannot solve world hunger through engineered (GMO) seeds, we must address the reason for the malnourishment and that lies in the ingredients which the GMOs apparently are unwilling to test, or at least they have not stepped forward to do the testing.

When variant micro-nutrients are used in designing the GMOs, consideration must be given to the quality of the GMO. The GMO must not only be a seed, but must contain the nutrients relevant to normal growth genetics involved in the growth hormones of the children we are feeding, or plan to feed. Bailey, et al. (2002) In an ‘Abstract’, Mather’s theory…contained the following:

“The theory of correlated responses postulates that selection for a normally balanced, polygenically controlled character produces unusual recombinant s from crossing-over. Other changes occur, and variations in other characters thus released, owing to mingling of different poly-genes along the chromosomes. Animal and plant breeding selection experiments showing correlated responses are analyzed in the light of this theory. Selection for (1) the hooded pattern in rats led to sterility; (2) high and low body weights in mice produced psychological, morphological and physiological...
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