The Future of Nursing

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The Future of Nursing

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This paper will discuss various aspect of the future of health care focusing on the future of how nursing will play an ever-important role in the reformation of health care. Presentation regarding, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the future of nursing, at the Institute of Medicine report entitled, “Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health,” will help set the stage for this paper. Discussion will be had regarding the relationship of the Institute of Medicine to that of the nursing profession and the foreseeable changes to practice based on the Institute of Medicines recommendations. Further discussion will be had no the campaign for action and how it relates to the future of the nursing industry. Additionally, rational behind state based coalitions for the Campaign for Action will be covered. Finally, Arizona’s Coalition for the Campaign for Action will be shared with details regarding a few of its initiatives that are being addressed. Institute of Medicine Report

In 2010, The Institute of Medicine release a report titled, “The Future Of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health,” that has impacted many aspect of health care, especially that of the nursing industry. Of the changes that are most notable, the recommendation from the Institute of Medicine that 80% or greater of acute care nurse be prepared at the baccalaureate level or higher by the year 2020 (Institute of Medicine, 2010). This recommendation has been taken to heart by many of the leading health care employers whom have chosen in many cases to take a less experienced baccalaureate prepared nurse over that of an experienced associate prepared nurse to help their organization comply with the above recommendation. Further emphasis was placed on the advanced practice nurse in that they should be permitted to practice at the full extent of their scope and that barriers should be removed to...
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