The Future of Business

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  • Published : January 9, 2011
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Discuss and provide examples of the changing factors that will influence business in the future (e.g., new investment techniques, new forms of communication, new management structure, new technology, or new marketing techniques). Select 2 of the 5 identified factors and explain in detail the factor that was chosen and provide an example. New marketing techniques

Green marketing is very important as the problems of environmental protection are essential for all countries all over the world nowadays. The recent researches give us evidences that anxiety concerning nature pollution is increasing. The ecological security became primary for consumers. Thus, it is high time to reconsider the understanding the nature as our habitat as well as the source of raw materials and provisions which are necessary for our living. The ecological needs, based on necessity to keep safe the habitat and human health, are leading in nowadays society. Marketing directs business attention toward satisfying the requirements of people and at the same time our society becomes more demanding in having a new kind of service. Human health is the most desirable thing among other usual needs. Many customers are aware of the fact that they should pay attention to the label of the products and check if good they are going to but satisfy the ecological requirements. We observe the evident changing in the way of thinking and people take their right to buy products secure from ecological point of view and to support those brands and corporations which and promoting the assistance of green policy. One more factor which should be taken into consideration is level of consumers’ education. Accordingly to the researches, people with high level of education are more flexible to marketing strategies and they realize the necessity to over pay for getting green products. New management structure

The realities of modern business are that the effective use of IT makes it possible to move to an entirely new...
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