The Found Boat and a&P: Compare and Contrast

Topics: Fiction, Short story, Female Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: November 7, 2012
Compare and Contrast Fiction Essay
“The Found Boat” and “A&P”

Sexuality and personal growth has and always will be a topic of conversation in real life and even in fiction short stories. The idea of sexuality has just recently not only became an open idea to discuss but one to also write and publish about. Both Alice Munro and John Updike both illustrate the idea of sexuality and personal growth in very different ways. “The Found Boat” by Alice Munro, deals with sexuality in an aggressive manner while “A&P” by John Updike, deals more with the idea of sexuality rather than sexuality itself. They also have very similar elements of fiction that include (but is not limited to) characters, theme and conflict. The characters relate in both stories because as some have similar actions others begin to explore their sexual thoughts. The themes in these stories are sexuality, personal growth and gender conflict. Conflict has to do with “the battle of the sexes (or ideas)”. All three of these fictional elements directly relate to the idea of sexuality, gender conflict, coming of age and rebellion. The idea of sexuality is adamant within both stories. In “The Found Boat” this idea is prominent when truth or dare begins. The childish game becomes a game of sexuality when Frank dares everyone to “take off all our clothes” (p359). When this comes into play the children become young adults – they do not laugh or even hesitate, they slowly follow the dare that was given with no shame; “Eva stood up in the water her hair dripping, water running down her face. She was waist deep. She stood on smooth stones, her feet fairly wide apart, water flowing between her legs. About a yard away from her Clayton also stood up, and they were blinking the water out of their eyes, looking at each other” (p359). Not only is this new world of sex being presented in this story but also the idea that sexuality does equal power. In “The Found Boat” Eva has this realization when she stands in the...
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