The Flynn Effect

Topics: Intelligence quotient, Intelligence, Flynn effect Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: October 8, 2012
1. Do you believe people are really getting smarter? Why or Why not? This is really fascinating question; it is not easy to answer this question without having a deep knowledge about it. In my opinion, people are really getting smarter as compare to their ancestors. There are many factors that can prove my ides, such as computers, robots, skyscraper buildings, satellites and so on. To build or create such a kind of amazing things we need smart people. I am not going to say that the people who lived in the past were not smart. I am just going to say that as compare to past, nowadays people are getting smarter. Today we are not just studying only one subject, we are studying multiple subjects and fields. We are talking in multiple languages. There are many new subjects come up by time passes. Today we have many opportunities for studying, because new technologies can help us to study more efficiently. For instance, computer and internet forces people to think more abstractly. Whatever we need we can find from internet within few seconds.

2. Which of the factors explaining the Flynn effect do you accept? The Flynn Effect has given the most suitable factors in this article. They have explained four different factors, such as Education, Smaller Families, Test-talking savvy and Genes. Education has been changed a lot since past years. Today students use the modern technologies for studying purpose. Internet is one of the most useful things for studying. On the other hand, students take a lot of tests during the semesters and they become a professional. They know how to take tests and how to do well on them. It helps to new generation to do well with IQ test and so forth. If we have to write about the Genes factors, I can write following ideas. Nowadays, people are studying more as compared to their ancestors. In a family both husband and wife is educated well enough. They have learned many things through the life experience. Those things can let the new born...
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